This is a solar-powered website

which means it can go offline during prolonged periods of cloudiness or darkness.

Several methods are used to ensure a decreased power usage and carbon footprint:

  1. The colored background on each page is a prominently placed battery bar. With this placement, I hope to make people aware of the finite nature of this website, as well as the importance of this.
  2. The page size in kilobytes is displayed at the bottom of each page with the same purpose, and to showcase my efforts in this regard.
  3. Images on this website are dithered, For more information on this technique, see wikipedia to minimize their size drastically. They are colorized by smart use of css blend modes For more information on this, see css-tricks to further optimize their size.

  4. The site has an dark theme that is automatically toggled by the dark mode of your device. This saves energy on end-user devices during the evening, especially on amoled displays. AMOLED stands for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, and is a screen technology where darker colors consume significantly less power.
  5. The site is optimized by efficient use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has load times of under 0.2 seconds and performs better than 99 percent of other web pages.
    These values were found using google pagespeed insights

Due to these optimizations, the visuals have a decreased level of detail and if this is in any way bothersome, please contact me My email is for a non-dithered version.

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