Final Bachelor Project: Finite Design

As a society, we firmly believe in boundless economic growth, but we must realize that the excess we create comes at a cost. The climate crisis is the ultimate consequence of the decisions that we make, and although we are faced by its devastating effects, true change in our way of living still seems far away.

A speculative and future-oriented approach was taken towards designing a sustainable internet surrogate. The result is MuleSwarm, an alternative global communications network, based on the eco-communalist societal model proposed by the Great Transition Initiative.

In MuleSwarm, data is transferred through data mules: physical data carriers that communicate through a secure peer-to-peer connection powered by Ethereum Swarm to form a network that is more sustainable, secure, and resilient than the internet.

MuleSwarm promotes the eco-communalist mentality and embraces the finite nature of our reality for the sake of a more sustainable future.

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